Stump Grinding

Arbor Bizz specializes in providing stump grinding services in Sydney and many other places in NSW.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove trees for landscaping, constructions, new fencing and much more. After the tree removal, what remains is an ugly stump that poses many risks like attracting pests, damaging nearby trees by attracting fungi and many more. A stump also decreases the beauty of the garden. So whenever you remove a tree always make sure that its stump is also removed. The safest way to remove stump is grinding them. Stump Grinding is a process grinding both the stump and tree surface roots.

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Stump grinding is a specialised job which requires correct equipment and expertise. Arbor Bizz Tree Services is a Sydney based business determined in providing you with a complete stump grinding service. We are experts in providing effective, quick and professional stump grinding services. Ignoring the stump removal can cost you more than what it takes to remove it. We can handle any size of stump grinding.


We use safe and effective methods to remove the trees or stumps. We also provide comprehensive clean up after the stump grinding process. Our stump grinders can access even the smallest courtyards and hard places to reach.


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