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Arbor Bizz specializes in providing tree lopping services in Sydney and many other places in NSW.

Are the branches of your tree very close to windows of your home or running into cables, then it is time to contact professional tree loppers. Tree lopping is a method to remove loose branches or trimming various parts of the tree. This method involves shortening of branches as part of landscaping or just reshaping the existing trees. Whatever might be your requirements of lopping, we will complete it with utmost care and dedication. Our goal is to provide reliable and professional tree lopping services at affordable rates.

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Wrong process of lopping or lopping by an inexperienced person can lead to death of the tree and endangerment to you as well as your property. We have 15 years of experience in providing tree lopping services in Sydney. Arbor Bizz Tree Services has seen and handled all kinds of tree lopping situations. There is no job too big or small for our talented team of professionals. We work as a well organised team to get the job finished with no stress to you.


In difficult, challenging situations, safety measures are taken by our technicians to avoid any losses or damages. It is always important to sign up with a professional tree lopper when undertaking any tree lopping.


Need an expert for tree lopping in Sydney or any other place in NSW, then contact Richard on 0425 213 380 or email us.

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